Cool Tips to Repairing Refrigerators

Refrigerators are a part of every household these days. Where these electronic items offer a great helping hand in their respective job, there arises a number of problems with them. Since they are machines and run on electricity, it should not be questionable that these appliances will start malfunctioning. Of course, if not electricity then maybe the climatic conditions can cause problems in different parts of a refrigerator since each comprises a different material. In order to carry out refrigerator repair work, some high efficiency tools are required. Along with the levels of efficiency, their quality matters a lot as well as it accounts for durability during the repair work.

Some of the best tools to carry out refrigerator repair are:


Temperatures in refrigerator are involved primarily in the evaporator coil and the condensing unit along with the refrigerator cabinet refrigerator repair san marino. The most initial testing that leads to refrigerator repair is checking out the temperatures of these three areas of the appliance. Thermometers work excellent in this regard as they can read temperatures that range from -30oF to 120oF within seconds. It works as an excellent troubleshooting tool in this regard. As far as buying them is concerned, thermometers can reasonably cost around $6 and are very easy to read. They comprise easy dial and pocket clip; the two features that enable easy reading.


Multimeters help read voltage, current and electrical resistance. Since refrigerators are electronic appliances, this is of course an extremely important testing when carrying out a job regarding its repair work. There are many components and features in a refrigerator that require measurement of these factors. The lighter and more compact these multimeters are, the more convenient it is to carry out the testing.

Leak Detector:

Another big problem that can arise in refrigerators is leakage. This leakage could be either of temperature, in case of a crack in the body or leakage of a liquid used in running the appliance. Whatever the form of leakage might be, leakages can simply lead refrigerators to malfunction. For leak detection, there are innumerable tools available in the market. The ones with one hand function feature work the best. If one, that can enter even the tightest places, is bought it is great! The above mentioned leak detectors can detect HFC, CFC as well as HCFC. They are a bit expensive but if bought, work great for lifetime. Leak detectors cost around $175.

Recovering Refrigerant:

Units that recover refrigerant capture CFCs in a refrigerator to help keep the environment. One that can capture many different types of CFC compounds must be bought in order to have the most environmentally friendly refrigerator at home. Units that can recover liquids and vapors too, are simply a great choice if bought. They are expensive but the best part is their shutoff value which ensures fine safety.

Welding Kit:

Welding kit includes brazing pipes and sweating pipes. Another tool is the soldering equipment that comes with oxygen and tanks of acetylene that helps welding aluminum, steel and brass. Gauges help add and/or remove refrigerants, helps managing the pressures and aides in many other functions. Vacuum pumps help remove moisture from the unit.

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